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Bog Flowers - July

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Sheep LaurelSheep Laurel - The pink flowers blooming in the bog are Sheep Laurel.  This is a very toxic plant, which explains its other name of Lambkill.  The flowers are not terminal, but otherwise they resemble bog laurel and give a delightful splash of color as you walk the trails.  (The other low pink blossom growing in the sphagum is Wren's Egg Cranberry.)

White Fringed OrchidWhite Fringed Orchid - This orchid is now blooming in the bog.  Some are within inches of the boardwalk, so please stay on the path when taking pictures.

SundewRound-Leaved Sundew - Look for this tiny sundew very close to the boardwalk out in the open bog.  Note that the small round leaves are covered with reddish glandular hairs.  these exude a sticky juice that snares insects, for these are insect-eating plants like the larger Pitcher Plants.

Yellow BladderwortHorned Bladderwort -  The Horned Bladderwort is now showing spots of yellow out in the bog.  their leaves are submerged in the mud and have tiny bladders.  These bladders capture and digest tiny aquatic organisms, making the bladderwort another carnivorous plant.

Calopogaon FlowerCalopogon (sometimes called Grass-Pink) - The first of our July orchids are blooming on the quaking loop at the bog.  Notice that the yellow-crested lip is held uppermost in the orchid.