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Bog Flowers - June

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Calla LilyCalla Lily -  This lily can be found along the path of either loop.  This flower will produce beautiful red berries later in the summer.  The early natives ground up the root for making bread.

Pitcher PlantPitcher Plant - The downward pointing bristles and the slippery walls of the Pitcher Plant spell doom for many insects.  As they fall into the rain water filled "pitcher," the insects are digested by the enzymes the plant secretes into the water.  This technique allows the pitcher plant to survive in a nutrient poor environment.

Sheep LaurelSheep Laurel - The pink flowers blooming in the bog are Sheep Laurel.  This is a very toxic plant, which explains its other name of Lambkill.  The flowers are not terminal, but otherwise they resemble bog laurel and give a delightful splash of color as you walk the trails.  (The other low pink blossom growing in the sphagum is Wren's Egg Cranberry.)

Cinnamon FernCinnamon Fern - If the tall, fertile "cinnamon stick" is missing, look for a tuft of fluff at the base of each pinna.