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Bog Flowers - May

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RhodoraRhodora - These beautiful magenta flowers are now blooming in the bog.  They are easy to recognize, as the flowers open before the leaves and add a lovely splash of color as you walk through the Bog.

Marsh MarigoldMarsh Marigolds - Although these plants are called marigolds, they actually belong to the buttercup family.  They announce the arrival of spring in our bog.

Pale LaurelPale Laurel - There are many flowers blooming in the bog this month.  One of the showiest is the Pale Laurel also called the Bog Laurel.  The pretty pink flowers have terminal blossoms.

Bog RosemaryLeatherleaf - (see plant with white flowers at bottom of photo) The white, bell shaped flowers dangle gracefully from the tips of the higher branches.  If covered with snow, almost all flowers bloom.  But, if totally exposed, not many will blossom.

Bog RosemaryBog Rosemary --(see pink flowers at top of photo)  Bog Rosemary flowers early, with small, white to pink urn-shaped flowers.  The leaves are very narrow and toothless, dark green above and white below.