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  Dura Crockett Trail

Trail Number:   6  Trail Length:  .8 Mile (one way) 
Difficulty:  Moderate  Trailhead GPS:  
Trail Adopter:      

  Trail Description

Most of the Dura Crockett trail follows along the Dura Crockett Brook providing views of picturesque falls and jumbled rocks.  The Dura Crockett Trail (in purple on the map) climbs from the Great Brook Trail (SRKG in orange) to the Morgan Hill Trail (in red). It follows, then crosses, Dura Crockett Brook. It climbs 380 feet in 0.8 miles from the intersection with the Great Brook Trail. This trail, when combined with the Great Brook and Morgan Hill trails makes a round trip excursion of 3.7 miles from the Pingree Road parking area (using the Pingree Connector to access the Great Brook Trail or 4.6 miles from the Lakeshore Road parking area (P). Access is also possible from Morgan Hill Road via the Morgan Hill Trail.

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  Trail Map

Dura Crockett Map


Dura Crockett Trail

Sign from Morgan Hill Trail - Photo by Bob Crane

Dura Crockett Trail

Dura Crockett Brook - Photo by Peter Brodeur

Dura Crockett Bridge

Bridge - Photo by Bob Brown

Dura Crockett Trail

Dura Crockett Brook - Photo by Bob Crane