Conservation Commission
New London, New Hampshire 03257

Gnome Doors

   Find the Gnome doors around town

The children of the Windy Hill Nursery, in cooperation with the NL Conservation Commission, have made very creative Gnome doors. They are located at the base of trees on the trails in town. Here is where you can find them:
Clark Pond - 2 doors
Clark Lookout - 1 door
Cocoa's Path - 1 door
Kidder-Cleveland-Clough - 2 doors
Kidder-Cleveland-Clough East - 1 door
Knights Hill (Forest & Field Loop aka Fern Loop) - 2 doors
Low Plain - 2 doors
Morris Trail at CS College - 1 door
Shepard Spring - 1 door

  Win free ice cream

Children who are 12 or younger can win free ice cream by finding all the Gnome doors. Download the Gnome Door Form and check off each door as you find them. Once you've found them all, put your contact information on the form and return it to the New London Town Office.

And while you're out looking, be sure to take pictures when you find them. We'd love to see them. You can post them on the New London Conservation Commission Facebook page or on the New London Recreation Department Facebook page.


Our thanks go out to Brenda White, Suzanna Brown, and Karen Cook of Windy Hill Nursery, Ruth White and Bob Brown of the NLCC, and all the children at Windy Hill Nursery for building, decorating, and installing the Gnome Doors.



Bob and Cortland, the Gnomes


Children building the Gnome doors


Children finding the Gnome doors