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New London, New Hampshire 03257


  Kidder Trail

Trail Number:  9  Trail Length:  .9 Mile (one way) 
Difficulty:  Moderate   Trailhead GPS:  
Trail Adopter:      

  Trail Description

The Kidder Trail (in purple on the map) leaves the parking area at the end of Morgan Hill Road. It ascends, reaching the intersection with the Morgan Hill Loop Trail(WP27), at about 0.1 mile. The Kidder Trail continues straight ahead, climbs for another 0.1 mile then descends, crosses the New London - Springfield town line, and continues descending to Perley Road where, at 0.9 miles, it meets the Morgan Pond Trail. The elevation profile for this trail starts at the Morgan Hill Road trail head and continues to the Morgan Pond Trail. A loop hike is possible following the Morgan Pond, SRKG Trail 5, Great Brook and Morgan Hill trails.

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  Trail Map

Kidder Trail Map


Trail Head

Trail head - Picture courtesy of Stanley Morono