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  Low Plain Trails

Trail Number:  17  Trail Length:  1 Mile (one way) 
Difficulty:  Moderate   Trailhead GPS:  
Trail Adopter:      

  Trail Description

The Esther Currier Wildlife Management Area at Low Plain is preserved for your enjoyment as a result of community cooperation, including the Ausbon Sergent Land Preservation Trust, the Elkins Fish & Game Club, the New London Conservation Commission, and the NH Fish & Game Department.   A self guided trail map with notes is available here and at the Route 11 entrance.  Winter travel by snowshoes or cross country skis is popular. The trails in the Esther Currier Wildlife Management Area at Low Plain may be accessed from the parking area (P) off Route 11 or from a parking area (P) on Mountain Road.  The main trail is named the Davis Path. It is a gated gravel road that runs between Route 11 and Mountain Road. Side trails go to an overlook and to observation blinds along the edge of an active Beaver Pond. A quaking bog may be viewed from a boardwalk on the trail to the Marsh Point blind (which may not passable at high water). A high water bridge, built by Elkins Fish and Game Club, takes visitors over the waters that flood a portion of Davis Path during Spring thaw (bridge is shown at the right). A geological exhibit (boulder collection) and a salamander pool are visible from the Davis Path. The Davis Path is 1.13 miles in length (one way). A half mile loop trail to Shepard Spring is also shown across Mountain Road from the Davis Path. Parking is available along Mountain Road. The trail is only marked for a clockwise trip around the loop.  Note that the Conservation Commission has also developed a Forestry Management Cover Map and Forestry Plan for the Low Plain area.

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  Trail Map

Low Plain Map


Low Plain

Beaver Lodge - Photo by Bob Crane

Low Plain

Beaver Swimming - Photo by Bob Brown

Low Plain

Areal view of tree harvest - Photo by Bob Brown

Low Plain bridge

New Davis path bridge - Photo by Mike Gelcius