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Latest News

   New Kidder-Cleveland_Clough Extension Trail

The new extension to the Kidder-Cleveland_clough Trail is now open. The entrance is on Pleasant Street, on the east side across from the existing KCC trail. This additional .6 mile loop makes a nice addition to the town trail system.

   Kidder-Cleveland_Clough Trail flooding problem

Due to recent heavy rains, the Kidder-Cleveland-Clough Trail is flooded from Pleasant Street to the interior bridge closest to Job Seamans Acres. If using the trail, expect to get wet feet! The New London Conservation Commmission is actively working on long-term strategies to manage water levels. We thank you for your patience as we work to correct this problem and improve the trail.

   Clark Lookout

Following the acquisition of additional acreage for Clark Lookout, the New London Conservation Commission has been working on making improvements to the property. Some tasks are already completed and more will be coming.

A new kisok has been installed near the beginning of the trail. The kiosk has a bulletin board, a Mutt Mitt dispenser for dog walkers, and, most importantly, a sign which gives information about the history of property. There is library box next to the kiosk so visitors can borrow a book or loan one for others to enjoy.

There is a new entry to the trail. Instead of starting out from Davis Hill Road, hikers will now enter from Rte. 103A, across from the Dartmouth Coach parking lot. A new gate and signage have been installed to clearly show where the new entrance to the trail is located.

Future projects will include the installation of a bench and the resurfacing of the new trail entrance.

The Clark Lookout is a beautiful trail and we encourage everyone to visit.


KCC Extension

NLCC members officially open the new trail head for the Kidder-Cleveland_Clough Extension trail - Photo by Mike Gelcius

Clark Lookout

New kiosk at the start of the trail - Photo by Mike Gelcius

Clark Lookout

New gate and signage - Photo by Mike Gelcius